Tape Deck part 4: Shaq Attaq

I was in middle school the during the stretch of Christmases where everyone asked for a CD player. The year I got mine was also the year I went all in with my fandom for Shaquille O’Neal, who has just entered the NBA with the Orlando Magic. I owned at least a dozen shirts and my bedroom walls were covered in posters. There was really little difference between me and an obsessed fan-girl.

Like many professional athletes that would come after him, Mr. O’Neal was an aspiring musician and released several albums. Given my dedication, my first ever CD was his first release. However, my excitement would not allow me to wait until Christmas when I would be receiving my CD player and Shaq’s album. So I went out and bought the tape of his first single What’s up Doc? (Can We Rock) featuring Fu-Schnickens. Do I still know Shaq’s lyrical verse from this song by heart? Yes, yes I do.

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