The Most Joyful YouTube Video of All Time

Working in an office is the color gray. A little over 5 years ago as I was sitting in my cubicle when I happened upon this clip and it was a light ray of what could be. I shared it with my co-workers and we even planned to create a version of our own (it was quickly forgotten as the gray returned). The video was a minor viral hit. Ashton Kutcher tweeted it out back when he was the most popular person on Twitter. The Backstreet Boys even sought out the group to do a performance together. However, there was no response and video faded away. I was able to do some amateur sleuthing and found they were likely all part of some movie production company. With what little I found, two guys had an ultra brief appearance in the movie Bruno and at least one of them works at the film production and distribution company Annapurna Pictures.

For me this video continues to be 4 minutes and 3 seconds of jubilation. And if you don’t agree, the amount of pity I have for you is unmeasurable.

Fight the gray.

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