Yearbook Scrawlings – Part 2: Orange Gazelles

 (while these inscriptions appear to be very different in tone, the one of the left is meant to be sarcastic)

For my 15th birthday I had my parents buy me a pair of Adidas Gazelles in orange suede. Orange has always been my favorite color but in 1995 it was not considered a suitable shade for shoes according to my peers. Upon wearing them to school a few times, my footwear was widely criticized to the point I kept the pair under my bed during the weekdays. This happened in the winter, but months later when yearbooks came out I was still getting flak for the shoes.

Once I reached my adult years Adidas had long since stopped making Gazelles in that color. Fortunately, as a birthday gift to myself, I was able to have a pair custom made.

(As you can see in the background I have several other pairs of Adidas in various colors. As of this writing I have 26 pairs. I have a bit of an obsession.) 

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